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Holiday: December 17
Number: 17
Colors: Black, Brown ane white
Adimuses: All grains

Babaluaye is friends with all the animals. He also owns all the skin diseases such as lepra, acne, boils, etc. Babaluaye is nomad saint that shows himself as a bum or vagabond.


In a town there once lived a Babalawo who cared only about money and wouldn´t do works for people without any money. One day a vagabond came up to his door and asked hiim for a seeing but the Babalawo refused and shut the door. What the Babalawo didn´t know was that the bum was actually Babaluaye who, because of that action left him all his plagues and diseases in his house.


Babaluaye is received by Santeros after the Ceremony of Ocha. Babaluaye can´t be crowned. The necklace of Babaluaye is given by santeras that have received the saint. It is given in a one-night ceremony.