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The Ceremony of Ifa is when the man becomes Babalawo. This is one of the highest ranks, if not the highest, in the religion. In order to receive this ceremony the persons needs to have received Hand of Orunla and the Ceremony of Ocha. The saint can be Crowned or Laundered. The ceremony of Ifa is performed exclusively by Babalawos. There must be a group of at least 8 Babalawos. One of the babalawos is the person that gives ifa and is the godfather. Another is the ayubon who is like a second godfather and is the person that takes care of the yabo (follower receiving the ceremony).

The ceremony lasts 6 days and, like the Ceremony of Ocha, the follower must remain in the Bordun or room of saints, receives an Ita and has his head shaved. Most of what happens in this ceremony is secret. One public part of the ceremony is the alst day which is called Iyoye. During this ceremony there is a part where the follower must plant in name of Orunla. In order to do this planting, the follower must walk from the Bordun to the field where he´s going to plant. When the follower walks back from the field he must walk between two rows formed by the babalawos that worked in the ceremony. These babalawos hold tree sticks and beat the follower´s back, cleansing him from any hardships that he would suffer otherwise. After this painful sacrifice, the babalawo is introduced to the world and celebrates with a dinner.

People that receive this ceremony are called Awo or Babalawo and perform the broadest range of ceremonies.