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The ceremony of Hand of Orunla (mano de Orunla) is called Ikofafun when women receive it, and Awofaca when men receive it. The name isn´t the only difference since women receive one ikin (African palm coconut) while men receive 19. This ceremony is often called Hand of Orunla because it represents receiving one hand of Orunla, the left hand. Since Orunla is right-handed, this ceremony will not allow the person who receives it to do any kind of works or ceremonies in this religion; it is only received for health and wellbeing. One of the biggest benefits od this ceremony is that it´s the first ceremony with an Ita. An Ita is a part of the ceremony where Orunla speaks and gives the follower a name. Along with the name he also tells the follower his destiny. This destiny shouldn´t be understood as fatalistic since Orunla tells the follower what to look for and avoid in his life. Things that he sould do or not do in order to live a better life.

This ceremony lasts 3 days. The first day is an eyebale for Orunla. The second day is a rest day and the third is when the Ita is held. Generally, it is in this ceremony when the follower learns his guardian angel.