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Holiday: September 24
Weekday: Thursday
Number: 8
Colors: White
Adimuses: Eggs, milk, yams, pears

Obatala owns and reigns all heads. He is also the owner of the hills and mountains. He is a relaxed and thoughtful saint and so are his children. He created iron and silver and gave them to Ogun so he could work them and help humanity. Hand his children are very pacient and take everything easy.


Obatala was thinking one day of inventing something that would make people feel better and happy. After thouroughly thinking it through, he invented oti(alcohol). After inventing it, he left it unattended for a while. Seeing this, Albita (the devil) poured blood of all the animals into the oti. This is why when people drink they feel great at first but when they get drunk they behave like animals. Som act like dogs, others like monkeys, like tigers, etc.


Obatala is received in the Ceremony of Ocha whether he is or isn´t the guardian angel since he is one of the principal saints.