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Holiday: June 29
Weekday: Tuesday
Colors: Green and black
Number: 7
Adimuses: Plantains

Oggun is a warrior Saint who lives in the forest hunting.  Oggun is a Saint with a fiery and violent character.  One looks for his support when in war to win quicker.  The sons of Oggun must obey since he punishes with the sword.  Oggun is the blacksmith since he received the iron from Obatala, who gave it to him when Oggun was going through hardships.


When Oggun hunted alone he never obtained anything due to his hunting technique.  When he saw an animal he began slashing his way through the forest but, by the time he got there, the animal had already been scared away by the noise.  Meanwhile, Ochosi wasn´t having any luck hunting either.  When he saw an animal he would shoot an arrow and hit, but because of the dense forest he could never make it to the carcass.  Therefore, both of them were starving and ,individually, went to get a Seeing from Orunla. Orunla worked both of them and told each one to leave the work in a large tree that was in the middle of the forest.  Oggun arrived first and left the work next to the tree.  However, he decided to take a nap at the foot of the tree since he was feeling tired.  Later, Ochosi came by but, not seeing Oggun sleeping, accidentally put the package on top of Oggun.  At this, Oggun woke up agressively and stood up.  Before they could begin fighting, however, an animal was heard near and Ochosi instinctively fired an arrow at him.  When seeing the animal hit, Oggun slashed his way to the body.  They cooked the animal and ate.  Both of them being happy and well eaten, they decided to live together from thereon.


Oggun of Ifá can be received anytime with the ceremony of Warriors.  Oggun of Ocha is received only when he is the Guardian Angel.