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Holiday: October 4
Colores: Yellos and green
Number: 4, 16
Adimuses: Coconut, pumpkin, shrimp, ñams, dates, etc.

Orunla is the saint of wizdom and divination. It is his sons, the Babalawos, who hace the greatest gift of divination (by using the oracle of Orunla). Orunla is in charge of determining everyone´s Guardian Angel so it is the Babalawo´s duty to do such deed.


The Hand of Orunla is the first ceremony of Orunla that men and women receive. Men who receive Hand of Orunla are called Awofacas and the women are called Apetebises. Women are the most protected by Orunla but they never receive his ability for divination. Awofacas don´t receive either, until the become Babalawos where they develop all their powers.