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Osode is the african name of an examination, consultation, or seeing. The osode instruments can vary depending on the person that does it since consultations can be performed by Babalawos, Priests of Ocha, Ozain, or Orun.

Babalawos use the Okuele for their consultations. The osode of a Babalawo lasts between 15 to 30 minutes. The okuele, as shown in the left, consists of 8 shells united by a chain. This device is thrown several times and, depending on the way that it falls, the Babalawo will interpret the follower´s destiny. Orunla is the one that speaks in these consultations.

The Santeros or Santeras (Priests and priestesses in Ocha) use the dilogun for their consultation. The dilogun is a set of shells of saints. The saint that speaks depends on the guardian angel of the person that officiates the seeing. In this type of consultation, the shells are released several times and the outcome is seen on the way that they fall. This type of osode is less certain than that of a Babalawo.

The rest, priests in Ozain or Orun, consult with 4 cocomut shells. This type of osode is the less certain since it is done by a person that doesn´t have any saint crowned.