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Holiday: March 9
Weekday: Wednesday
Colors: All, mainly dark
Number: 7

Ozain owns the herbs and homeopathic medicine. Ozain lived in the forest fighting and coing black magic. Because of this he lived very badly. The court of Saints asked to stop doing evil and begin doing good. It wah then that he began doing rites with herbs and helping people. He owns the Omiero, a holy liquid consisting of many herbs, liquid through which all Saints and ceremonies have to go through.


There was a time when everyone talked about how good Orunla´s children were. Hearing this, Ozain, jealous, went to Orunla´s house and proposed a test to prove that his sons were better. They would both bury one of their children with only their heads outside and see which one lasted the most alive. Orunla had Seen himself and had fed Eleggua. When they both buried their children, Eleggua transformed himself into a jutia and dug caves near the son of Orunla so his body could breathe. Because of this, when morning came, Orunla´s son was perfect, unlike Ozain´s child who was dead. Enfuriated by the humilliation that Orunla had made him go through, Ozain went to Orunla and proposed to repeat the test, only that this time they would bury themselves. So it was, and Eleggua again opened caves around Orunla. Days went by and Orunla was perfect but Ozain had lost a leg. However, Ozain hadn´t given up yet. Eleggua then transformed himself into a dog and bit up Ozain´s arm and eye. It was then that Ozain gave up and admitted that Orunla was stronger. This is why Ozain is one leg, one arm, and one eye short.


Ozain can be received after Hand of Orunla. Men receive him completely and are conferred tha ability to Consult with the coconut shells and do works with Ozain. Women can receive it parcially, they can´t consult or do works with Ozain, they only receive him for health.