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Holiday: September 7
Number: 7
Colors: Blue and transparent
Adimuses: Watermelon, avocado

Yemaya is the saint that owns the beaches. She represents the maternal instinct in its purest form and her daughters generally express the same instincts. She is a very calm and pacific saint.


When Ochun lived with her dad Olofin, she went out and partied often and never took care of her sons. This maddenned Olofin who threw her out. As Ochun wandered sad because of what had happenned, Yemaya saw her and asked for the reason of her crying. After Ochun told her story, Yemaya felt pity for her and drew a crack from the beach to the land, thus making a river, and gave it to Ochun. Yemaya told her that it would be her home from now on. Ochun was very happy since, besides having a new home, whenever she went out Yemaya would take care of Ochun´s sons.


Yemaya is received in the Ceremony of Ocha as one of the main saints, whether she is or isn´t the guardian angel.